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Help us open Horsh Beirut
Horsh Beirut is the largest green space in Beirut. It is a public property and belongs to ALL of us. Yet, it has been closed to the public for more than twenty years, and only a few people are granted access to it.

After completing the renovation of Horsh Beirut ten years ago, the Municipality of Beirut has not yet opened it to the public, and has never provided a legitimate or acceptable reason for this decision. A coalition of 20 NGOs are going to take over 12 spots in Beirut, to demand a clear decision from the municipality of Beirut to open Horsh Beirut, and to provide us with a date for its opening, keeping in mind that we gave them a full study on how it can be protected from. Our inalienable right to public spaces means we all have the right to access it, without exception.

We Will Not stop campaigning for our right to public spaces in Beirut. Having access to public green spaces is essential, especially in crowded and polluted cities like Beirut. It is a basic social and public health need, and provides an essential space for interaction among citizens who are usually divided by political and sectarian divides.

News and Events
05. 16, 2015
دعوة للتظاهر لفتح حرش بيروتDemonstrate with us to open our only park Horsh Beirutلأننا حرمنا من العيد في حرش بيروت.لأن اغلاقه والدخول اليه لفئة دون غيرها هو تصرف عنصري ومخالف للقانون.لأن في السلطة من لا يحترم الموا ...
01. 17, 2015
نقاش عام حول حرش بيروت تتشرف حملة "معا لاعادة فتح وتفعيل حرش بيروت" وجمعية "نحن"  بدعوتكم لحضور نقاش عام حول حرش بيروتالبرنامج:نائب رئيس بلدية بيروت المهندس نديم أبو رزقالمهن ...
08. 30, 2014
22 سنة وحرش بيروت مفتوح لفئة من الناس22 سنة وبيروت بلا عيدها22 سنة وأطفالنا يلعبون على الطرقات سنتين مرت مُنذ وعد رئيس المجلس البلدي بلال حمد أهالي بيروت بفتح الحرشسنتين لزمنا الصمت وأظهرنا كلّ التعاون لاعطاء ...
06. 16, 2012
Horsh Beirut all over BeirutJoin us in the Picnic festival in 12 locations all around Beirut to demand the reopening of Horsh Beirut to all.Why Horsh Beirut is important?Horsh Beirut, the largest green space in Bei ...
05. 13, 2012
Sunday 13th May, at 8:30 pm On the occasion of the Spring Festival 2012, which is organized by SHAMS Association and Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, in collaboration with Beirut Municipality, and in partnership with AL-JANA ...
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