We, Lebanese citizens, demand from the municipality of Beirut to set a clear date for the re-opening of Horsh Beirut to all of us with no exceptions.

The Lebanese law assures us the access to public spaces with no restrictions and this right is inalienable: "A place that belongs to a public propriety and is designed for public use is a public space and everyone is granted the access to it" (Article one of the decree governing public propriety in Lebanon, no. 144/s)

Horsh Beirut, the largest green park in Beirut, of 333'000 m2 is public property and belongs to all of us. We do not accept the denial to access it.

The park has been designed and re-habilitated in 2002, ten years ago, and there is no legitimate reason for closing it. Claiming that it needs to be maintained and protected is no longer an argument especially since a full study for opening and operating Horsh Beirut, containing different ways to protect and manage it, has been presented to the municipality of Beirut.

Green parks, especially in a polluted city like Beirut, are a basic social and public health need, as well as an essential space for interaction among citizens who have always been victims of political and sectarian divisions.

For all the above reasons, we demand a clear date for the re-opening of the park.
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